Who am I?

A woman who is winning in life sober after ten long years of battling alcohol abuse, use and dependency. Everything I did involved alcohol from the people, places and things I did. Alcohol was all around me. You see, it was my everything. I thought I was more with it than without it until I found out that was a lie. I got sick and tired of losing, hurting myself as well as allowing others to hurt me. I got tired of the hangovers, broken promises to myself and God (you know the ones we all make). I did something about it! I took control over my own life.

My sobriety didn't come easy nor did it come overnight but it did come in January 2014. I wouldn't trade it for all the alcohol in the world. I could not have said that ten years ago, but I can today. That's why I say it out loud & proud so that other's can see what's possible for them too.

Today I'm the owner of two successful businesses, speaker, and author. I'm living proof it's possible to live your best life sober. 

I mentor women who are currently on their sobriety journey seeking additional support in the following areas of their life: 

  • Rebuilding mindset

  • Tapping into your purpose

  • Setting small and large goals for themselves

  • Understand self-awareness

  • Acquire income

  • Establish/develop new healthy relationships

  • Release toxic relationships

  • Understand the benefits of health and wellness

  • Bring mind, body, and spirit together to destroy Generational curious in families

If you're ready, let's work together.

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Please note: I am not a licensed therapist or clinical doctor