“How To Determine If You & Alcohol Match”, This course is wonderful! I’m so glad I made the decision to get control of my life. It’s because of you and your accountability and encouragement. Every day even before this course, I see your posts and emails. It held me accountable to my own behaviors. Times when I would be on a call or on your FB live posts I admit I was sometimes finishing a drink or just sitting down to one. But I didn’t give up. Thank you for all of your help! ”The world needs your gift.”
— Rennina
 I have had the pleasure of working with Connie a few times. The first course I did with her was a small group course. She helped kickstart my path to sobriety. It was a very uncomfortable time at first, but the privacy of our calls was an amazing first step towards sobriety. Connie gave us a warm, enthusiastic, and compassionate welcome. It felt so good to finally hear that I wasn’t alone with my feelings and struggles against alcohol. She gave me the optimism to start fresh, forgive myself for all the stupid things I did when drinking, and  armed me with the tools and reasoning to stop drinking. In the second course with her, she and I worked one on one. It was a very personal dive into diffusing my own personal stumbling blocks and struggles to stay sober. Her optimism and confidence that I could stay clean was invaluable. Thank you Connie! 
— Amy 
I want to say that I’m so happy that I found my sober sisters.  I have been down in out for so long due to many tragedies in my life. I was a social drinker before but began to drink heavier after losing my parents.  I never knew how empty my life can be.  When Connie told me her own testimony and told me that nothing is impossible I had to believe in something.  I decided I need to make a change and I join her group.  This has been the best decision I made for myself.  I join in January 2018 and I speak with her once a week to discuss the triggers I have that causes me to drink.  I was ask to journal my day and when I feel the most urge to drink.  This allowed me to  find out the things in my life that triggers me to drink.  We discuss it each week and then go over changes I can make to overcome these urges.  Let me just say it has been working.  I never knew how much things started to affect me in my life that cause me to drink.  So I started to focus on different things that fulfilled me.  Things that excite me and makes me happy. I have a way to go but I’m on the right path.  I am so thankful for the Queens of Sobriety and the amazing changes that I see in myself. I am truly grateful. 
— Desiree